Last year, I was part of the youth committee which plans and organizes the youth club activities. In November last year, we started a new project, called the young entrepreneur scheme (YES!) project. Part of the earnings from this project goes into an Education Fund for the needy students in our youth club. I was personally motivated by the project mission to help the needy, and started to be involved in the project execution. Our first project was to sell and market Asian jewelry to the local market.

There are many things I learnt in this project – to be creative, responsible, committed, and to work with others in a team. We organized many things in order to kick start the project. As a result, we achieved things which I never thought I could do in my life. We started to have more and more clients coming to buy the jewelry and as a result, our Education Fund started to grow.

In early Jan this year, due to unforeseen financial circumstances, I couldn’t enroll to a preparatory course for university. I didn’t think too much about it then. However, a few weeks later, to my surprise, the youth club offered me a scholarship to study in that course because of my participation and efforts in YES! project. I certainly wasn’t expecting the scholarship at all!

Today, thanks to YES! project and the Education Fund, I am studying hard and preparing myself to enter into a university in the near future.

Carolina Lindo Vallejos
Date: 09 Feb 2007

To know about YES! for Education and our jewelry project, Click here