Generation Acts Club International is made up of a team of committed volunteers who are passionate about making a lasting difference in the lives of under-privileged children and youths. If you share the same passion as us and wish to contribute in some way,  we would love to hear from you, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.  


Thank you for joining us in the educational partnership! We will get in touch with you shortly.

<!––I have read the volunteer guidelines, understand their purpose, and agree to abide by them as a volunteer at ALIVE! program.–>


There are several issues that we would like to make clear to ensure a positive relationship between you and the ALIVE! programs, for the good of our children.

Parent volunteers must check in at the office, and wear a volunteer I.D. badge, each time they volunteer.

We insist that you maintain confidentiality outside of class. If parents/guardians ask you about a child’s performance or behaviour, please discuss it privately with them. Please do not discuss a child’s behaviour and performance with others that are not their parents/guardians.

Every child has his or her own specific skills and abilities. Everyone is unique and special in their own way. Each child grows and learns at his/her own pace. We are here to help them learn and grow to the best they can be. Please do not make value judgments or label the abilities or skills of any child. Please be careful not to compare your child to another in the class as they are all unique individuals.

We don’t expect you to agree with everything ALIVE! does; but decisions are made in the best interest of all the children in ALIVE!. If you have a problem, issue or disagreement with ALIVE!, please bring it to the ALIVE!’s representative’s attention privately at an appropriate time. Discussing issues in the middle of the program with other staff members or parents is not appropriate at any time. Clear, open, and direct communication is vital to maintaining a good relationship between volunteers and ALIVE!.

ALIVE! has an established Code of Conduct and discipline policy. Please talk with the ALIVE!’s representative to see how you can fit into and support the program. When issues arise concerning inappropriate behaviour of the child, we encourage volunteers to check with the representative for the appropriate action and to support the children by encouraging them to make good choices and demonstrate appropriate behaviour. We appreciate your effort and help.

Each of our volunteers and parents comes from a slightly different background and culture. They all have their own ideas and experiences about raising children. We ask that you accept their children and respect their beliefs and requests.

Parent volunteers under the direction of the ALIVE!’s representative who defines the volunteer’s duties and expectations. Your primary responsibility in the ALIVE! is helping the ALIVE! program as a whole.

Please try to keep your role as volunteer and parent separate during the ALIVE! program. If your child has a problem, let your child work out the problem with others through the established ALIVE! routines and procedures. Please do not try to solve problems for your own child during the ALIVE! program.

It is important that you set a scheduled time with ALIVE! to volunteer and that you keep to it. The ALIVE! Representative will be planning for you to be there. Whenever possible, please call at least 2 days before if you are not going to be able to be at the ALIVE! program at the scheduled time. ALIVE! is counting on you and needs adequate time to adjust the ALIVE! plans.

When you are volunteering in a classroom where several parent volunteers are present, please keep adult conversations to a minimum. This will assist the children in staying focused on the classroom lesson or activity. Also, to avoid any unnecessary classroom interruptions, if you carry a cell phone, please turn the cell phone off.