Who We Are

Generation ACTS Club International was birthed from a dynamic vision; the determination of passionate individuals to see it come to pass.

So what is this vision all about?

To discover and develop the seed of greatness in our youth! But why stop there, we thought? Why don’t we build a community that is so vibrant, exciting and contagious, that people could tell the difference at a glance?

Established in Singapore in February 2002, this club was fuelled by a raging fire so strong, it spread across the globe to 3 communities in the continent of South America.

Gen ACTS Club International believes in Life; and not just its mere existence. We believe that sharing life is better than living life alone; living life is better than staying alive; and investing life is better than owning life.

Under the Club, we have the following 3 arms:

Sharing Life

Life is too fleeting to be lived alone. Share it with those around you. Our club is not an organization. We are an organism- living, thriving, multiplying, interconnected and part of a community, be it local or global!

As a club in this age of globalization, we believe that sharing our lives with others must extend beyond our shores, beyond our culture, beyond our traditions and even beyond the languages we speak.

Living Life

‘Developing’, ‘Equipping’, ‘Enriching’ – call it what you may, our essence remains the same: giving you that chance to fully develop and lead a life – living life to the fullest.  We believe in living beyond the survival mode, running apart from the rat race. Through the seminars and workshops given by the club, we impart & transfer knowledge, skills & values for you to live life to the fullest.

Our lives must bless others. That is part of living life to the fullest. In doing so, we work at embracing different cultures, respecting, learning and understanding them. Finally, learning to appreciate and work with different people from different cultures, races and creeds.

Investing Life

One man can change the world. Are you that man or have you spotted one?  Our club believes strongly in investing into the lives of others to help harness the potential of greatness in each individual. Following the famous adage “Giving is receiving”, we believe that unless we learn to give, we will not receive the returns of our investments.

Our Volunteers

Julian Lee


Serene Lee

Manager (Corporate Affairs)

Quek Ai Lay

Manager (ALIVE!)

Tian Pei Ching

Manager (Special Project)

Cho Xing Ni

Club Secretary

Karen Wong