Kids ALIVE! is a program of two projects – ImpACTS and Hope4Kids.

Our club in Peru has been running ImpACTS for 3 years and we have come to realize that there exists a need to further develop a certain few kids that have come through our doors further and in a more intensified manner. Furthermore, we realize that in order to achieve a greater success in a shorter time span, we would have to dedicate more personalized time with the children and in smaller groups.

Hence, the idea of Kids ALIVE! came about.

In Kids ALIVE!, our team will select a few students from our classes under ImpACTS and re-group them to form the GenACTS Kids Club. Through the activities in this club, we work towards developing them cognitively and affectively.

Commenced in February 2007, Kids ALIVE! has a mission of instructional and interpersonal development of its members, with the vision of creating kids who will grow up to become a positive impact to society.

Being a developmental project, Kids ALIVE! will be focusing on holistic education – education of the 3 major areas of affective, behavioral and cognitive – and not just on the usual cognitive aspects already so common in most educational and developmental projects.

Each session with the kids in our GenACTS Kids Club, our trained facilitators will bring the kids through 4 periods – Creation Time, Learning Time, Chat Time and Discovery Time – each period having clear objectives and goals for our facilitators to achieve with our kids.

Our methodology of education is simple but yet effective. Furthermore, we have supplemented our entire program with the latest educational tools available in the market.