LoveSG Café


LOCATION : Ta Khmau, Cambodia

PROJECT PARTNER: Sim (Cambodian youth)

PROJECT BRIEF: LoveSG is the social enterprise arm of Generation Acts Club International in Ta Khmau, Cambodia. It was set up in August 2014, with the objective of helping Cambodian youth to develop life skills, positive values and entrepreneurial potential. LoveSG’s bakery products can be found in several cafes around Takhmau, Chak Angre and Phnom Penh. We are well-known for our Singapore pandan cakes, pineapple tarts, cupcakes and brownies. We also serve banana cakes, soybean pudding, cheesecakes and many more. LoveSG is also able to run small catering events for schools and businesses in Takhmau, serving its delectable range of desserts and drinks. All products were taught to local partners by representatives and volunteers from Generation ACTS Club. The locals are now able to produce these products on their own at a high quality. It is a joy to bless our local Cambodian partners with knowledge of these products and the know-how to run a viable business.