Kids ALIVE! Sarawak


LOCATION : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


PROJECT BRIEF: The principal of SK Combined School, Madam Karen Ong, has a big heart to further develop the less-privileged students staying in the slum area behind the school. She saw the potential of how the Kids Alive! Program can help her students to develop more holistically when she found out more about this program. After signing the Cooperative Agreement with GACI in May 2018, she appointed Teacher Lina as the main person-in-charge to gather the English teachers in the school to be trained in the concepts of the KA! Program and to prepare for the necessary resources.

Kids Alive! @ SK Combined was started in September 2018 as an after-school program. After a three-month pilot project, the Principal and teachers observed that the students who joined the Kids Alive! Program became more motivated to learn English and confident to speak in English. After further training, this program was officially launched in April 2019. At the time of writing, there are two IMPACTS classes (A and B) being run concurrently once a week after school by experienced English teachers in the school. Each IMPACTS class has around 12-13 students between ages 8-12.

During the IMPACTS sessions, students get to play curated educational toys to develop their multiple intelligences and learn English following a designated syllabus through fun and interactive activities. Values lessons are also being incorporated into the program once a month to help students develop good values. It is heartening to hear positive feedbacks from teachers that students are excited to come for the sessions and are even beginning to exhibit good character and values (e.g. being more caring and sharing towards classmates).

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