Youth ALIVE!

Our branch club in Peru started this project with a simple objective of playing a small part of developing the youths of Peru. Called Youth ALIVE!, we believe in being able to develop Peruvian youths in 3 areas – Interpersonally, Instructionally and Internationally, which is flowing with our overall mission of Sharing, Living and Investing Life.

Our vision in South America has always been in the area of youth development through educational projects. In Youth ALIVE!, we intend to being about such a development through educating in life skills, with an ever present emphasis of values, so as to maximise the potential of Peruvian youths, that in the end, they themselves would be able to contribute significantly back to society.

Our main objectives include:Educating and developing life skills through the contemporary methodologies available at presentEducating and developing good social behavior through the establishing of accepted norms of conductImpart and inculcate good values through the use of affective methodologies

Project Execution

In Peru, we have set up a club to allow for the accomplishment of the objectives of Youth ALIVE!. Called GenACTS Youth International, the club ensures that members maintain adherence to our constitution and by-laws, and hence, create an avenue through which the youths themselves can work together to achieve the overall objectives of Youth ALIVE!.

GenACTS Youth International is totally youth run – meaning that the entire youth committee is made up of Peruvian youths, who function and lead under the supervision and guidance of our team in GACI Peru.

All members in our youth club are encouraged to work together, supporting one another and as a result, creating an atmosphere of teamwork and unity. In this way, they are not only involved in creating a mini-community, they are experiencing what it means to belong to one. Through this, the youths learn what value-centered living means, and consequently, are preparing themselves to be an impact in the future to the community at large in which they are living in Peru.
The youths gather at least once a week to attend classes, training, seminars, and workshops, etc. or just simply to gather and play. In all activities, the following developmental focuses are maintained:International development towards global awareness and savvynessInstructional development towards holistic understandingInterpersonal development towards value-centered living

In this way, our youths grow in their abilities. Little by little, step by step, with clear goals and proper guidance, we believe that eventually, these youths will become future shining examples in the Peruvian society.

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