Social Entrepreneurship


  • To share their life with others in a richly different and cross cultural context
  • To live out their life to a greater measure, through greater self-discovery and development
  • To invest their life in other lives, significantly and meaningfully.


Participants in this project will dedicate 2 – 4 years of their youth into achieving these personal objectives. Each participant will be part of a team of 3 – 5 persons, and after receiving training in Singapore, will embark on this adventure of self-development and discovery.

This adventure brings the team to a country where GACI has partners, and each team will spend their first year setting up base, building up network, acculturation and immersion, settling down and commencing some small social work projects to hasten their learning of the language and culture. In their second and third year, the team will embark on setting up ALIVE! in that country. In the fourth year, the voluntary term will be over and each participant has a choice whether to return to Singapore (and be replaced by another volunteer from Singapore) or extend his/her term.

In the subsequent years, it is the club’s intention to give away (see ALIVE! program) our projects to our local partnering host.


The project is totally self-funded and voluntary. Each participant is responsible for his/her own financial state. Although the club will start off each participant with some seed money, it is minimal. If the budget permits, the club will also pay for one one-year open ticket for each team member to the place of destination. When donations and raised funds permit, the club will do its best to help cover operations cost (legal fees, rental, project costs etc.) of the project as well.

Each participant is strongly encouraged to take up simple jobs for self financing when they are in the foreign country. At the same time, the club allows for the team to charge a small fee for any courses they may run under the name of the club, subject to approval from the head office.

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